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Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate is required for all properties whether for sale or for rent.
The Certificate is commissioned from an accredited Energy Assessor.

Energy Efficiency Rating

An example of an Energy Performance Graph


Who will carry out my EPC inspection?

At David Blount we have our own qualified energy assessors, who will visit the property to collect relevant data and then prepare your Energy Performance Certificate.

What is the assessor looking for?

The data required includes the age and construction, heating and insulation, dimensions and any other characteristics impacting on the thermal efficiency of the building.

Is there a separate cost?

The cost of the producing the EPC is £100 + VAT

What do I do next?

When you are ready to offer your property for sale  or rent, , just contact your local David Blount office to arrange for one of our experienced valuers to call and see you. This is a free service and there is no obligation to proceed further if you change your mind.

Our valuers will not only undertake a full marketing appraisal of your property but also suggest a marketing strategy and explain in detail the Energy Performance inspection and its procedure. All our valuers have been present during Energy Assessment inspections so have first hand knowledge of what the inspection involves.

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